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Normal Office Hours

Mon.-Thurs. 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Friday, 8 a.m.-2 p.m.
Closed Saturdays and Sundays

Our Address

2261 Walton Way
Augusta, GA 30904

Telephone Numbers

(706) 733-2275 (office)
(706) 738-4000 (fax)
(706) 737-4414 (Mothers Day Out/Pre-School)

Visitor Information

Hello, and welcome to Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church. Visiting a new church can sometimes be intimidating when you don't know anyone or know how things work. We'd like to make you feel as welcome as possible by including information that will help your first visit with us as easy as possible. 

We look forward to seeing you soon!


Where do I go? When you turn in to Reid Memorial off of Walton Way, follow the driveway to the right and proceed to the rear of the church. You will find ample parking and there is also a covered drive through if you care to drop your loved ones off before parking. After you've parked there are a few entrances into the church. 

Please look at this floor plan image. You'll find parking, nursery, sanctuary, and more


REID MEMORIAL MAP - Click Picture to enlarge



FAQ’s/ What to Expect

What time does worship start?
10:30 am in the Sanctuary

What if I am late?
Come on in.

Where can I park?
We have three parking lots to the right of the sanctuary and one lot behind the Alan Fuqua Center. Parking for visitors is reserved in the lot immediately to the right of the sanctuary.

Who comes to Reid Memorial Presbyterian?
Our congregation consists of people of all ages and stages on faith’s journey, from those new to faith to those who’ve honed their faith for decades. We consider this one of RMPC’s greatest gifts. We see ourselves as an ever-widening family with room for everyone.

Is childcare available?
Our Sunday morning nursery for infants and toddlers is staffed by consistent, loving caregivers. Nursery hours are 9:15-12:00. (Click here for more info)

Are children welcome to come to worship?
Absolutely! We highly value children and their participation in the life of the community. Every Sunday, our worship service includes a children’s message: a brief story and prayer with our children. You never know what to expect during their interaction! After the children’s time, children ages 3 – 2nd grade may choose to attend an age appropriate Bible story and activity time led by a member of the church staff or they may remain in worship with you. Make sure your little one picks up a special kids’ bulletin and activity clipboard on the way in, too. We also encourage you and your child(ren) to try Sunday School for all ages at 9:30 AM.

Is there a Sunday morning youth program?
Yes! High School Sunday school and Middle School Sunday School are held from 9:30 – 10:15 AM in the lower level of the Alan Fuqua Center. Our Youth Ministry, called Liquid Youth, also meets for prayer breakfasts twice a week and on Sunday evenings (go here for more info)

How do people dress?
We believe that God cares far more about your heart than your fashion, so we encourage you to dress in a way that honors God and is comfortable for you. Some wear suits, some wear khakis and golf shirts. 

Can anyone take communion during the worship service?
At Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church, we believe that communion is celebrated as Jesus’ feast. All baptized believers of any tradition are most welcome at Christ’s table. Communion is served on the first Sunday of every month and at special services throughout the year. Most often, the bread and the juice/wine are passed along the pews. Occasionally we celebrate by “intinction” which means that people come forward (if able) and tear off a piece of bread and then dip it in the cup of grape juice, then eat it when they are ready. If coming forward presents a problem, that’s OK; the communion servers will come to you. Gluten free bread is always available when we celebrate communion.

Will I be asked to give money during worship?
Like most churches, we receive a financial offering at every worship. We believe that giving money, as well as time and talent, is an appropriate response to God’s activity in our lives. Offerings are our chance to give back to God and to support God’s work in the world, if you’d like to give in this spirit, please do. An opportunity to give is always extended in worship.

How will my money be used?
The Session, the church’s governing body, is responsible for receiving and allocating the financial offerings of the church. Our expenses are distributed in ways that are fairly typical for our a church our size: salaries, program costs, utilities and maintenance, and support for local and global missions.

Is there a social time/coffee time on Sundays?
Unless something else preempts this opportunity to gather, we serve up fellowship and refreshments every Sunday in the Fellowship Hall immediately following the worship service. Special receptions or congregational lunches follow worship from time to time throughout the year.

What type of worship do you have and what is the music like?
Our worship is both traditional and contemporary. As part of lifting up our voices and hearts in praise to God, we are rooted in the historic practices and faith of the church and experience God’s word and guidance for living in the contemporary world. Our service is enhanced by our organ and choirs. We follow an Order of Worship each week, pray together, read from Scripture, and enjoy thought-provoking, timely sermons.

How do I join the choir? Handbells?
If you or your children are interested in participating in one of our vocal or handbell choirs, just tug on the sleeve of S.C Toe, our Director of Music Ministry. He will be joyful and ready with all information needed. MUSIC MINISTRIES

What if I want to talk to a pastor?
Let a pastor know in person following worship, but then be sure to call the office at 706-733-2275 for an appointment or email Brandi Casto-Waters at or Rev. Nadine Moran Ellsworth at  

I’m from a (fill in the blank) denominational background. Is that OK?
Of course! Reid Memorial Presbyterian’s congregation has members who have come from Baptist, Methodist, Episcopal, Catholic, non-denominational, and a host of other backgrounds. While we are proud of our rich Reformed heritage, we believe that there is only one name that God identifies us by, and that is the name of Christ. We are Christians first!

Do I have to join the church in order to participate in things?
Nearly all aspects of church life are open to anyone who desires to participate. We welcome your participation, regardless of membership status. We also recognize that joining a church is usually a sign of a deepening identification with a congregation and that, too, is most welcome. Presbyterian polity requires membership only of those who wish to vote, hold office, or present children for baptism.

How do I join the church?
Let a pastor know of your interest in joining. They meet with you personally and may let you know about the next Discover Reid Memorial class for guests and members who desire to learn more about faith, our church, denomination, or how to better connect or become more involved. The class is offered several times throughout the year. Attendance at Discover Reid Memorial does not assume you’ll join the church. If you decide to join, you’ll also be asked to make a commitment to participate in the life and ministry of the church and your own faith development.

Membership at RMPC is a commitment to following the ways of Jesus by participating in a church family that cares for one another and reaches out into the community, works for peace, strives for justice, and seeks to worship God in love. Membership is not a proclamation of a particular dogma, but a willingness to join our community on a journey of faith.

People join in one of three ways:

  1. Profession of faith and baptism (for those who have never joined a church),
  2. Reaffirmation of faith (for those who have been baptized but have either not been active in a church in recent years or have been active in a church that does not either send or receive certificates of membership),
  3. Transfer of church membership from another congregation (our church secretary handles all the correspondence if those who join supply a church name and address).


Have any further questions? Please contact us


Emails from our contact page are sent to administration at If you would like to get in touch with a specific staff member, please visit our staff page where we have contact forms for specific needs.

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