Our Team

The church office phone is (706) 733-2275.

RMPC staff members can be emailed by clicking on the mail link below each profile.


Dr. Brandi Casto-Waters

Senior Pastor

Rev. Nadine Ellsworth-Moran

Associate Pastor

Rev. Boyd Lien

Parish Pastor


Dawn McCraith

Director of Operations

Jenny Davison

Music Assistant

Leonard Jones

Facility Supervisor

Makenzie Landrum

Nursery Coordinator

Rebekah Mayfield

Director of Children and Youth

Joy Maple

Director of Christian Education

Dr. Wayne Lord

Organist/Associate Director of Music

Anna Sanders

Director of Mother’s Day Out and Preschool

Becky Godbee

Communications Liason

SC Toe

Director of Music
Helen Moss

Helen Moss


Session (Elders)

Denise Rosenzweig, Clerk

Class of 2023

Mandy Boland
Bennett Yort
Gary Loyd
Shawntel Parker
Paul Rosenzweig
Pam Snowdy

Class of 2024

Scott Allen
Julia Kay
Mary Lewis
Scott Monnig
Max Vallotton
Leila Stallworth

Class of 2025

Bill Davison
Jennifer Frantom
David Freeman
Jean McKnight
Amanda Mills
Richard Morgan

Board of Deacons

John Franklin, Moderator

Class of 2023

Trex Bolick
Dick Carr
John Franklin
Catharine Lemmon
Nancy McCord
Harriet Monnig
Jenn Wilson
Carl Young

Class of 2024

Annette Kennedy
Lisa Curley
Mary Linda Lamar
George McCall
Bobbie McRae
Charlene Sizemore
Ross Tudor
Holly Harper Welsh

Class of 2025

Linda Boyd
Hubert Cooke
Judy Brigham
Jan Markle
Jan Nielsen
Carla Owen
Gail Owens
Harry Snowdy


Listen! That’s what Stephen Ministers do. They have gone through 50 hours of training in providing Christian care so they can focus on your needs and listen to what you really have to say.

Active Stephen Ministers

Myra Naglich, Leader

Mandy Boland, Leader

Jones Miller, Leader

Ann Overstreet
Sonny Reece
Indee Few
Jenn Wilson
Holly Harbin
Clay Stallworth

Jamie Driver
Barbara Miller
Joy Maple
Becky Godbee
Carol Turner
Kathryn McLeod