Our Ministries

Reid Memorial believes that Christian formation and education never ends, that’s why we strive to offer engaging, current, and life applicable opportunities for study and deepening understanding of our faith.

Presbyterians could be described as life-long students. Our denomination has historically, and continues, to place value on spending time in study, conversation, and spiritual formation as an important part of our life of discipleship. To that end, we look for ways to engage that are creative, transformative, and applicable to everyday life.

SUNDAY MORNINGS– 9:30 – 10:15 AM

2024 Winter Adult Ministry Classes: 

Confessions of a Sabbath Breaker: Recovering the Meaning of Sabbath

Sundays @ 9:30
Room 202, Upper Level
led by Nadine Ellsworth-Moran

These are our stories!  Great Stories of the Bible
Sundays @ 9:30
Room 201, Upper Level
led by George McCall

Women of Faith

Looking for an opportunity to meet and engage over spiritually based studies with other women of the church, then this group is for you!  Topics range from books of the Bible to marriage, family, and women-focused issues.  Child care is available.  Join us Wednesdays at 5:00pm in the Mary Read Room.

Solas Bible Study Class

This long-standing Bible study is led by Rev. Nadine Ellsworth-Moran every Tuesday, at 9:00am in person and via Zoom.  This class is serious, but fun with lively conversation, and seeks to engage the Bible both in terms of its historical context and its modern interpretation.

Men’s Monday Morning Bible Study

This men’s group has thrived and grown over the past few years and is known for its thoughtful discussions of faith and theology and opportunities for the men of Reid Memorial to begin their week with encouragement in the Spirit and fellowship.

Meeting virtually for Bible study, Mondays at 6:00am with Woody Belangia leading.

Congregational Life provides opportunities for the entire church family to gather for fellowship such as Church Picnics, Wednesday Fellowship Dinners, Congregational Luncheons, and Reid’s Refreshments.

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Reid Memorial’s Senior Adult Ministry (S.A.M.) hosts some of the most varied activities in the church, such as Lunch & Learn at the Augusta Museum, painting classes, field trips, concerts, guest lecturers, and meals.  This group includes those 55-years young and up and members are encouraged to invite a friend to attend as well.

For more information, check the “This Week at Reid” emails or contact Emma Slater, SAM coordinator.

Reid Memorial is a participating Stephen Ministry congregation.  This means that we have members who have volunteered to receive over 50 hours of training from Stephen Leaders and are commissioned by the congregation to serve in this important pastor care role.  Stephen Ministers know how to walk alongside members who may be struggling with grief, illness, job loss, divorce, or any of the myriad of issues that create distress in our lives, through a caring, confidential, and one-on-one relationship.  While Stephen Ministers are not clinical counselors, they can accompany those needing a little extra care and attention as they find their way to spiritual wholeness. Maintaining strict confidentiality allows Stephen Ministers to enter into delicate and personal situations and offer a safe and trust-centered space for that individual to heal.

For more information about the Stephen Ministry at Reid Memorial, contact one of our Stephen Leaders:

Myra Naglich 706.631.0878

Mandy Boland 706.831.1461

Jones Miller 706.302.7369

Faith Seeking Understanding (FSU) is an annual event, typically held in January, that brings a theological topic into conversation with our everyday world.  Each year, a speaker is invited to lead us in worship and then expand on their chosen subject through an interactive presentation on Sunday afternoon.   We strive to invite engaging and dynamic speakers with a particular perspective that will spark conversation and thoughtful reflection.  This event is for all members of Reid Memorial as well as the greater community.

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We welcome you to come worship with us.