Christmas White Box

whiteboxHere is a short-term seasonal outreach opportunity anyone can do! Every Christmas, Reid Memorial pitches in to fill more than 300 boxes of food for meals to feed a family of four. First, cardboard boxes are purchased and delivered to Reid. Then the food is purchased through Publix grocery stores at a discounted rate using money given by Reid members. The food is then picked up from Publix and delivered to the church on a Saturday. At the Food & Spirit Wednesday night dinner program following dinner, an assembly line is formed and everyone helps pack the boxes with food. You can even deliver boxes of food to the family if you choose. Remaining boxes are delivered by CSRA Community Outreach.

Choose your level of involvement below. This outreach opportunity is appropriate for all ages, small children through older adults.

  • I can contribute money toward purchasing the food

Send check for Christmas White Box made payable to Reid Memorial

  • I'll help pick up the cardboard boxes, let me know when!

Contact Jeff Futrelle (706) 736-0824

  • I can drive my pick-up truck or van for the food pick-up

Contact Jeff Futrelle (706) 736-0824

  • I'll be at the Food & Spirit Wednesday night dinner time

Visit Food & Spirit

  • I would like to personally deliver one or two boxes of food to a local family

Contact Jeff Futrelle (706) 736-0824