Congregational Life


There are many ways you can get to know one another at Reid. You become part of our church family the more you get involved. Please join us as often as you can.

Super Suppers
Want to get to know the members of Reid Memorial? Join a Super Supper group! These are informal groups of 7, 8 or 9 that share a monthly meal together over four months. This is a great opportunity for food, fun and fellowship. Contact Rick Thompson to join today., (706) 733-0137

Pig-Pickin luncheon on lawn – Sept. 9th 2018 - casual dress
InAsMuch Day catered breakfast – Sept. 23rd, 2018
(Presentation about the events on Sat. during Sunday School for all ages the next day)
Family Fun Night, Bingo and Ice Cream Social in the CLC at 6:30
Kirkin with luncheon - Oct. 21st 2018
White Gift packing – Dec. 2018 - casual dress Sun. : (after luncheon in CLC)

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Kuhnekt Initiative 
A wonderful way to get to know another member to become real friends. We started this in February, 2018. Members are paired up with one person for 4 months at the time to meet monthly for coffee, lunch or whatever you two decide works. Contact Cheryl Wilson if you are interested, We will draw names from the hat to make it fun! Our next drawing will be at the Pig Pickin September 9, 2018.

Advent Dinner with VA veterans joining us in the CLC plus staying for our service. Date TBD.

Reid’s Refreshments
Each Sunday immediately after the worship service, everyone is invited to join together in the Fellowship Hall to enjoy refreshments and social chat. It is a great time to meet visitors, get to know new members; as well as, a time to catch up with familiar faces. 

InAsMuch Day

Operation Inasmuch2

SEPTEMBER 22nd, 2018

Join your Reid family as we reach out to those in need! Beginning bright and early, we will enjoy a worship service at 9 a.m., then venture out into the community for a morning of service to others! 


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Adopt a Grandparent
You don’t have grandparents in town or at all? No worries, we have members who need grandchildren to nourish! Contact Maria Jenkins, (803) 640-1072,

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