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AFC for SAM/H4H Streaming of Ft. Gordon rednaming ceremony

October 27

Organized by Emma Addie in July

Hi Emma. 
Thanks for this note.  I’m certainly in favor of supporting Gene’s suggestion.  I’m copying Reabe Berry here so that he is in the loop as well.  Thanks for all you do, Emma!  Brandi


Emma Addie <emma.addie@gmail.com>

  • Brandi Casto-Waters

  • Becky Godbee;
  • Dawn McCraith

Mon 7/17/2023 10:08 AM

Good morning!

Gene Clark called me this morning to remind me that Ft Gordon is being renamed to Ft Eisenhower on October 27.  He asked if the Reid Memorial Senior Adult Ministry, in conjunction with Hearts for Heroes (Gene and Sylvia’s charity) might be interested in hosting a streaming event to watch the redesignation ceremony.  I thought maybe we could stream it to our movie theatre, depending upon the amount of interest the event generates.  I know Dwight Eisenhower was a huge presence in our church, and many of us would love to watch him be honored.

Please let me know if you are ok with me organizing this event.

I am copying Dawn and Becky so that they can reserve this date for us, pending your approval.


October 27