GAP Ministries

GAP Ministries is a volunteer service organization founded on the conviction that we are all beloved children of God. Our services are directed toward improving both material and spiritual well-being in a way that “fills the gap” between plenty and need.  GAP is committed to providing a “one-stop” service location to help people seeking to reclaim their physical and spiritual well-being, or to assist them with the extra support that they need to maintain a stable and secure lifestyle. Transportation and the time spent waiting in line is a problem for most people living in the margins of society. If they can get assistance for multiple needs in one place, it can relieve a lot of stress.

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For nearly 30 years, Haiti Outreach Ministries has been sharing the message of God’s goodness with the people of Haiti through evangelism, education, and medical care.  The mission of HOM and it’s local organization, MICECC, is to share God’s Good News and the love of Christ in Haiti.  MICECC, led by a dedicated group of Haitian pastors, church leaders and teachers, in partnership with HOM, ministers to the people of Haiti in the name of Jesus Christ through evangelism, discipleship and providing clean food, water,  shelter and other assistance to those in need.

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Porch de Salomon

Porch de Salomon is a response to several families and their friends being called into lives of love and service in Panajachel, Guatemala. We strive to bring the first-century church’s spirit of adventure, risk, service, and even fun to those who live in a 21st-century world. Solomon’s Porch was an ancient, open place where people seeking transformation gathered to explore Jesus of Nazareth’s radical message of love and redemption.  Porch de Salomon is a unique and progressive non-profit which, since 2005, has loved, served, and encouraged “the lost, the least and the last” of Guatemala’s Lake Atitlan basin, by hosting short term service teams and providing high-impact, year-round, humanitarian relief to indigenous people.

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Thornwell serves to prevent child abuse and neglect, to build up and reunite families, and to support healthy communities in the name of Jesus Christ.  For nearly a century-and-a-half, Thornwell continues to meet the call for help from society’s most vulnerable—its children and families in need. Whether providing the safety and security of a place to call home, reuniting families after a crisis, or supporting families through a time of crisis, Thornwell has kept the faith with its mission of healing and hope.  Strong families mean strong communities.  Thornwell has a legacy of adapting programs as society has changed around us and expanding services to meet identified needs.  We will continue to meet future challenges head-on because so many depend on our success.

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Project Refresh

Providing hope, one shower at a time.  Project Refresh was founded in July of 2020 and is a non-profit organization that believes access to a refreshing shower is a basic human right no one should be denied.

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Turn Back the Block

Turn Back The Block is a faith-based, nonprofit organization whose mission is to revitalize the Harrisburg neighborhood through housing rehabilitation, new construction, and the promotion of home ownership therein.  Through volunteer labor and donations, Turn Back The Block works on a block by block basis to create affordable home ownership opportunities where abandoned homes and vacant lots once stood. Families and individuals willing to contribute sweat equity and complete housing counseling are afforded the opportunity to own a home.

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Westabou Montessori School

Westabou Montessori School is a registered 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit organization. The mission of Westabou Montessori School is to increase access to world class Montessori education for families most in need. We are a transformative community for young children, where they actively engage their bodies, minds,  and wills to become the best versions of themselves. We follow the method developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, to support and guide children in their holistic development.  When children are given the freedom and support to learn at their own pace, choosing activities that draw their interest, self-confident, inquisitive, creative children emerge.

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“And taking the five loaves and the two fish, he looked up to heaven,

and blessed and broke them, and gave them to the disciples to set before the crowd.” ‭‭

Luke‬ ‭9‬:‭16