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Times of transition can be an exciting time in the life of a church and that is certainly true with this process as we are excited to see the direction that God has in store for us moving forward. This transition process is a prayerful, thoughtful, time-tested process and we are confident that God has the right person in mind for us. Please join us in praying for the Associate Pastor Nominating Committee (APNC) as we continue to cover this entire transition, from start to finish, with prayer.

The members of the APNC are Samuel Warren Few III (Trey), Jane Houston, Catharine Lemmon, Sumner Markwalter, Jim McKnight, Michael Mendoza, and Harriet Smalley Monnig.

Where are we in the Process?

PNC Process

  • ORGANIZE – Congregational Nominating Committee compiles a slate of candidates for the Associate Pastor Nominating Committee (APNC) which is voted on at a Congregational Meeting.
  • PREPARE – The APNC meets with Presbytery representative and prepares our Ministry Information Form (MIF). Once finalized our MIF, is sent to Session and the Committee on Ministry (COM) for approval.
  • SEARCH – The MIF is posted on the national Presbyterian website and in other appropriate places. The APNC explores leads from the congregation and other places and begins to receive Personal Information Forms (PIFs) from pastoral candidates.
  • REVIEW – The APNC prayerfully reviews PIFs, sermons, recommendations, interviews, visits, references etc. leading to a ranking of candidates.
  • SELECT – Search is prayerfully narrowed. After conferring with the COM, a final nominee is chosen and the invitation is made to be the candidate presented to the Congregation.
  • NOMINATE – The candidate for Associate Pastor is presented to the congregation. The congregation votes to receive the candidate at a congregational meeting.
  • CELEBRATE! – After being approved by the Congregation and the Presbytery, an installation for the new pastor is held at the church. Thanks be to God!

Learn more about those on the Associate Pastor Nominating Committee by clicking HERE


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